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Recruiting 'in demand' talent the usual way doesn't work. But its even worse than that...

Disability Recruitment

We need your help! How would you make recruiting & employing disabled staff easier?

Charities are being hit twice

Like it has been for most of us, inflation has been tough for charities. But worse is coming.

In the last recession, contributions went down by 12%. Yet this is when charities are needed more than ever.

Just when people need them – maybe even for the first time – they might not be there.

But not everyone is suffering, many internet advertising companies have just had their best ever year.

Which Got Us Thinking….

What if we could ‘steal’ some of this advertising money and divert it to charities? Would it be possible?


‘In demand’ candidates are the ones everybody is competing for. They either possess rare skills or are the ‘star players’ in their team – consistently out-performing the merely average.

They are also notoriously frustrating to bring on board. Normal methods of recruitment don’t work. In fact, they work against you.

People with disabilities are more likely to be unemployed than any other sector of our society.

But that could change. Right now, a small window of opportunity has opened and we have a chance to make a big difference. But we must move fast.
But to do that, we need your ideas.

Why Now?

COVID was a global disaster (and still is in some places). But maybe something good can come out of a bad time.

What's the idea?

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